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Category Archives: Health care

Infection 101: Signs and Management

Feeling sick and weak? Has a fever been keeping you in bed for a few days now? You may have contracted an infection. Taking care of ourselves on a daily basis can be tiresome during our golden ages, how much … Continue reading

How Can You Benefit from Skilled Nursing?

As we age, we may need a help with various aspects of our life including maintaining our health. This is where home health care services in Girard Avenue, Philadelphia can help. One of the many services you can expect is … Continue reading

What Can You Do to Keep Diabetes in Check?

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Hand Washing: Controlling Infection at Home

Are you the primary caregiver in your family? Whether you’re caring for your aging parent, an injured child, or a recently-discharged spouse, you have to steer clear from infection. You don’t want to spread infection at home by being mindless … Continue reading