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Ways to Prevent Bedsores Among Seniors

Ways to Prevent Bedsores Among Seniors

Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, are painful injuries found on bony parts of the body from the prolonged pressure of sitting or lying down. Common to those who use wheelchairs or stay in bed most of the time, bedsores can lead to serious complications like cellulitis and bone infections among others. First Hope Home Health Care Agency, Inc. believes that prevention is better than cure with our services. Our home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania prevents bedsores among our clients, especially with older adults who have difficulties moving or changing positions.

As bedsores occur to areas like the hips, shoulders, back of the head, and more, providing extra cushion shall lessen the pressure and protect these areas. Frequent repositioning of seniors in bed or wheelchairs also minimizes the time and pressure put unto the common areas of bedsores. Our senior care providers in Pennsylvania make sure to support during repositioning, especially to seniors who have immobility conditions. Special mattresses are also available to prevent bedsores among seniors.

Good personal hygiene practices, with caregivers’ help, also matters in preventing bedsores, to maintain a clean body while lying down or sitting for most times. Another way to prevent bedsores is to regularly clean the sheets and coverings of beds and wheelchairs to maintain a good texture in contact with the skin. Our home health care services in Girard Avenue Pennsylvania ensures to replace bed coverings regularly to prevent bacteria accumulation and infections that could complicate bedsores.

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