Simple Exercises to Help Improve Your Posture

Simple Exercises to Help Improve Your Posture

Body mechanics is about how our bodies move in performing daily activities such as walking, sitting, or standing. While it may seem pretty basic, proper body mechanics is important to prevent problems such as back pains. Through time, our spine is subjected to stress, which becomes more apparent with incorrect movement.

Good posture is not just how tall and confident you look. More than the visual appeal, good posture is great for your health. So, what does good posture look like?

  • Stand with your feet apart from each other.
  • Tuck your tailbone in and tilt your pelvic bone slightly forward.
  • Pull your shoulders back and then lift your chest.
  • Level your chin and relax your mouth and jaw.

There you have it – the basics of a good posture!

So, how do you ensure you are using good body mechanics?

You can try a chin tuck exercise.
First, make sure you are standing or sitting with a good posture. Gently pull your chin to a comfortable position. Do this for a set of ten and practice twice or thrice a day.

Shoulder squeeze is another exercise to improve posture.
Position your elbows behind while squeezing your shoulder blades together. Keep this position for five seconds. Do this for a set of ten once or twice a day.

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