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3 Ways to Keep Your Aging Loved Ones Safe at Home

3 Ways to Keep Your Aging Loved Ones Safe at Home

Safety is always a top priority. Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe at home is, indeed, a necessity.

However, older members often need to do more to ensure their safety. They experience various changes that affect their ability to keep themselves safe. That is why many aging individuals prefer home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Through it, they can stay at home while receiving help and care.

As a younger family member, you surely want to help your senior loved ones stay safe in their own home. To do so, consider these ways:

  1. Encourage your loved ones to exercise.

    Exercising every day helps the body stay fit and healthy. With exercise, your aging family members can maintain a good level of strength and flexibility. Both strength and flexibility are important in moving about. This, in turn, is essential in ensuring one’s safety.

    Your aging loved ones might need help when working out. Senior care providers in Pennsylvania can help in this situation.

  2. Help improve their mobility.

    Being mobile is important in recovering from a potential fall. Yet, aging leads to a decline in mobility. It is important to help your loved ones become more mobile. This way, they can recover from a slip better.

    Many exercises can help in this case. Apart from such exercises, you can also encourage your loved ones to use mobility aids. Various aids are available. These include walkers, canes, and wheelchairs, among others.

    Engaging with providers of home health care services in Girard Avenue Pennsylvania also helps. With this, a professional caregiver can address your family members’ mobility issues.

  3. Reduce risks in various areas within the home.

    Any place presents a certain number of risks on your loved one’s safety. Your aging loved ones’ home is not an exception. Being familiar with their home leaves aging family members oblivious to these risks.

    The presence of these safety risks is clearer in your perspective. So, you have to lower the risks yourself. Below are things you can do:

    • Put up grab bars inside bathrooms. Make the floor less slippery by placing non-slip mats on it.
    • Invest in devices such as raised toilet seats and shower benches.
    • Keep the entire home clutter-free.
    • Throw away expired food products.
    • Install bright lights.
    • Consider using a medical safety alarm. This can inform you about a possible fall in the home when you are not around.

First Hope Home Health Care Agency, Inc. is ready to give you the best care that you or your loved ones need. Give us a call today to inquire about our services.

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