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Tips to Care for Foot Wounds: How to Prevent Infection

Tips to Care for Foot Wounds: How to Prevent Infection

Diabetic individuals are prone to foot ulcers. These are skin breakouts that need diligent cleaning to avoid infection. When these foot wounds occur, you can get help from their doctor. If your loved one is not able to leave home, there are skilled nurses who can visit them at home instead. Our skilled nurses can provide home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and they are happy to assist you in every way possible.

Meanwhile, you can also do your part in preventing these wounds from getting infected. With the right care, you can even prevent foot ulcers from occurring. For that, here are care tips you can apply at home for your loved one who has diabetes:

  • Check with the Doctor
    See to it that your loved one goes to their doctor’s appointments. Don’t miss these schedules. Their doctor can keep you updated with your family member’s health status. With their guidance, you can be on the right track of your diabetes condition. If the doctor also prescribed medications and lifestyle adjustments, make sure that these are adhered to.
  • Inspect Your Feet
    It should be implemented as a daily practice to inspect your loved one’s feet. Minor wounds such as blisters can happen. We may overlook these wounds as harmless, but infections can easily creep in. Our loved ones with diabetes are at risk of having wounds that don’t heal easily. When you cannot spot skin breakouts right away, these can be prone to infection.
  • Wash Your Feet Properly
    You can also take a proactive role in caring for the feet of your loved one with diabetes. Skilled nurses who provide home health care services in Girard Avenue Pennsylvania can guide you. They can also teach you the essential steps in washing the feet.
  • Ensure Foot Comfort
    Your foot should always be in a comfortable position and feeling. To prevent blisters, always cover your feet with soft socks. There are also diabetic shoes that are ideal for your loved one’s use. This footwear can protect your loved one from the possible occurrences of blisters and wounds.
  • Ensure that Toenails are Trimmed
    For diabetic patients, regularly consulting with a foot doctor or podiatrist is very ideal. These podiatrists can advise your loved one as to whether they should trim their nails or not. Trimming nails is an ideal practice for persons with diabetes so that they can prevent foot injuries from happening.

Are you in need of senior care providers in Pennsylvania? If treating diabetes wounds becomes difficult to handle, care professionals are there to help you. Our team at First Hope Home Health Care Agency, Inc. can provide assistance services to help improve your loved one’s condition.

Don’t hesitate to get the help you need when you need it. Feel free to reach out. Contact us if you need our help. If you also know someone who can learn from this post, SHARE this with them!

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