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How to Give the Gift of Time to Our Aging Loved One

How to Give the Gift of Time to Our Aging Loved One

It’s been said that LOVE is spelled as T-I-M-E. For our aging family members, at least, this statement is very true. Now that they are retired and have more opportunities to do the things they enjoy doing, they also have more chances to spend time with you. The only hindrance is your personal availability.

As your trusted partners in providing home health care services in Girard Avenue Pennsylvania, we believe that a senior person’s quality life is greatly improved by the precious moments they spend with people they love. Along with this, we also recognize that good companionship can help ensure that they are safe, well, and in great health.

Our team of care providers is ready to lend you the extra hands needed so that the aging years of your loved one can be made more meaningful. We have home health aides who can extend assistance as they accomplish their activities of daily living such as taking a bath, preparing their meals, or changing their clothes. When your loved one has this kind of help on the ready, you can spend more meaningful time with them.

To make these moments extra special, here are our tips for you:

  • Consider their personal interests
    As senior care providers in Pennsylvania, we recognize that even our elderly loved ones have preferred activities and interests. Join them in doing these activities so that, with your company, they can enjoy accomplishing them even more.
  • Go along with their pace
    Our elderly family members can be physically less active. Hence, we need to give them more time in carrying out certain activities that are of interest to them. Let us listen more patiently as they talk to us and let us walk according to their pace.
  • Stay appreciative of your learning from them
    Our senior family members are rich in wisdom. This treasure of insights is gathered through years of colorful experiences. Each time you talk to them, there will always be something new to learn. Ensure that you appreciate them for the fresh learning you can gather. Your appreciation can boost their mental wellbeing.
  • Ask them about memory-stirring topics
    It is also very ideal for our senior loved ones to undergo activities that can exercise their memory. These activities can help improve their cognitive skills. When you’re spending time with them, ask them about interesting topics that make them walk down memory lane.

The above tips are just among the many things you can try when spending time with your elderly loved one. At First Hope Home Health Care Agency, Inc., we have a team of care providers who will assist you in making these moments happen. We also provide home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania so that your senior family member can receive quality care that promotes quality elderly years.

Does your aging family member need this service? Set an appointment with us!

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