Senior Nutrition: Tips in Preparing Healthy Meals for an Aging Loved One

Do you believe in what people say that you are what you eat? While that may not be necessarily agreeable to you, one thing is certain. What you eat makes up for your health. Meals are key ingredients in achieving healthy nutrition, especially for our senior family members. The encouragement to serve balanced meals is always at the forefront of their nutritional needs.

As a provider of home health care services in Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, let us share with you these tips in healthy meal preparation for your senior loved one. Like you, we also look out for the best of those we care for.

  • Make a list
    Listing down your food intake is a practical approach in monitoring your diet. If you can’t do this on your own, an assistant from senior care providers in Pennsylvania can do this for you. When you have a concrete picture of what you’ve been filling your body, you will see your health in a new light. A list of foods taken can also help you monitor the food preparation process.

  • Ensure the balanced meal
    It would help to request the help of a loved one or someone providing senior care assistance in preparing these food items for you. Preparing balanced meals every time needs dedication and consistency, which could be difficult to achieve for untrained or unable hands. Don’t hesitate to seek help when it comes to promoting your loved one’s health.

  • Reduce sodium
    Sodium in your diet can increase your chances of high blood pressure. Be proactive in reducing this flavoring element. As an alternative, you can go for herbs and spices to add a kick to your meals. There are also available online resources to guide you in healthy alternatives to sodium. Don’t hesitate to also consult with a dietician on this matter.

  • Plan on increasing your potassium supply
    Potassium is a big help in reducing the effects of sodium in your blood pressure. Thankfully, it is very much accessible in fruits and vegetables. Try not to take supplements for potassium as these may have other ingredients unfit for your health. Better yet, consult with your doctor on options regarding potassium or as to how much potassium level you should reach.

  • Read food labels
    When shopping for your own food at home, don’t forget to read, sincerely if you may, the nutrition facts on packed foods. By reading, you can keep in step with the nutrients you actually need.

Serving healthy meals to seniors in their homes is one of the key services we provide at First Hope Home Health Care Agency, Inc. The healthy meals served to your senior loved one are a compass to their overall health. If you need assistance with monitoring the health and wellbeing of your senior family member at home, set an appointment with us. When you want to inspire someone with a helpful message, share this post with them.

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