Simple Ways to Ensure Your Senior Parents’ Safety at Home and in the Community

Most senior individuals want to retain their independence as much as possible. They often prefer to live alone in their homes and receive home health care services in Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for their existing conditions rather than move to a care facility.

One of the issues that most families have with this situation is safety. Safety risks are present both at home and in the community. Senior family members may have troubles identifying what these risks are. Their physical limitations may also reduce their chances of avoiding safety risks on their own.

Whether they ask senior care assistance from you or not, you have a role to play in ensuring their safety.

Safety at home

Seniors are too familiar with their homes. As a result, they don’t see why safety risks may be present. To keep them safe at home, you can do these simple things.

  • Eliminate fall hazards.
    The floor should be free from clutter or other items that can block your loved ones’ pathways. Bundle up and hide exposed wires or cords.

  • Ensure proper lighting.
    Advise your parents to wear eyeglasses if they suffer from low vision. At the same time, make sure that bright lights are installed in the various parts of the home to help them see clearly. Consider using bedside lamps or lighting systems with motion sensors.

  • Watch out for the stairs.
    The staircase is a risky area. Make sure that there are rails on both sides which your seniors can grab while going up and down the stairs. If your parents struggle in using the stairs, try installing a stair lift. Ultimately, you might want to consider transferring your parents’ room downstairs so they won’t have to use the stairs each time.

  • Store cleaning products properly.
    Many aging adults tend to confuse these products with something else. Make sure they are kept to where they should be.

  • Get their appliances serviced regularly.
    Schedule for a professional and trusted technician to do the servicing every couple of months.

Senior care providers in Pennsylvania can help create a safe living environment for your senior parents. You might want to try them out.

Safety within the community

When your aging parents are outside, some of the safety precautions you can follow include the following:

  • Let them wear medical alert bracelets. See to it that they have any kind of identification on them for emergency situations.
  • Assess their driving skills. Driving is hazardous in their advanced years. Inform them that you or another family member can drive them to their destination.
  • Remind them to keep their phones with them so you can check on them anytime.

At First Hope Home Health Care Agency, Inc., your senior loved ones will be cared for and their safety ensured. Call us now for our services!

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